One who could be considered the Americana-musical love child of Tom Waits and Johnny Cash, Ryan Bayne's voice and his musically eclectic albums, make it sound like a distinct possibility.  With two self-produced albums under his belt in 5 years, the man is clearly driven and devoted to both his passion and his fans.

Saints and Strangers, Mr. Bayne's first album, is based primarily on his "one-man band" abilities--playing guitar, drums and harmonica on his own.  His second album, "Beloved", delves head first into musical collaboration with other Boise musicians that he describes frankly, "They're a lot better than me--which was the best part.  I appreciate the talent they each possess and I needed them, for the stories I wanted to tell, and the sounds I wanted to hear.  It all comes around--I wanted to support them, too." 

Lyrically, Mr. Bayne discloses the truth of the vast emotional intelligence and insight he possesses in regard to both himself and his lady friends.  With his baritone voice that's been described as swoon-worthy, Mr. Bayne possesses a refreshing resurgence of a man who is able to hold a rock and roll attitude and sensitivity in the same hand, and a blatant confidence to speak of both the devil and Jesus along the way. 

All that said?  I'm ready for album #3.

JRB, Musical Connoisseur